Belly dancing may be a Western term, but the style of dance itself has been around since Roman times. The term can mislead you into thinking that it might not be much of a workout, but the entire body is used in these movements. By doing a little dance a few times a week you can burn over 300 calories an hour and get the body you’ve always wanted!

Many forms of dance usually only take advantage of certain muscle groups. Belly dancing is different in that it is a combination of various ancient dance techniques. By forming a dance made up of powerful leg movements combined with a killer core workout Middle Eastern dancers seem to have found the sweet spot. The cardiovascular workout that this results in is important in today’s world because more and more people are falling prey to cardiovascular disease. Nothing strengthens the heart like the combination of stretching, flexing, and gyrations that make up belly dancing.

The different styles that you can learn will teach different nuances, but they are all the same idea. Modern Egyptian belly dancers stress the importance of using your core to move your hips, something that will definitely give you that flat stomach you’ve always wanted. Older teachers, however, stress the importance of using your legs to move them. Both of these are desirable for today’s women and would be beneficial. A combination somewhere in the middle can give you a boost in all your problem spots!

The key to getting in shape with belly dancing is to stick with it and go all in. Once or twice a week can definitely help an out of shape person feel better in their every day life. People looking to really get in shape, though, can find intense DVDs on the topic that will leave you exhausted and slimmer. Classes are offered at many community centers now and plenty of information is available online. Good luck with your journey and don’t forget to have fun!