Are you one of those people who thought that Pole dancing is all about skimpy dressed girls gyrating seductively to funky music, catering to predominantly a male audience in strip clubs. Its time now for you to change this old school thinking, cause pole dancing is the new fitness mantra, gaining ground rapidly around the world.

What is in it

Though the inherent part of pole dancing – hot pants, sensual movements of your body parts and the irreplaceable shaking of your bottom is very much present in this new fitness routine, it indeed does a lot of good to your health.

This new fitness routine is solely developed for women of all ages who wish to shed those unwanted calories and get into shape in a fun filled way. The classes teach you the very basics of erotic dancing, sensual facial expressions besides the demanding physical moves – twirling, swinging spinning, climbing to a pole and the mandatory strike a pose move.

Some classes do offer to train you on strip teasing and table dancing, if you have a liking to it. Hen parties are the added attraction in some classes where people have good fun after the fitness routine.

Dress code for the occasion!

Shorts are a must. You can wear hot pants too, if you prefer it. Legs should be left bare, essential for having a grip on the pole. Though, you can wear trainers for warm up. You can wear high heels too, when you strut your stuff!

Does it really help?

You may not believe this answer, but yes, it certainly helps you to get fit.

Pole dancing helps you to easily burn up to 250 calories – equivalent to one session of good work out at the gym. Its unique moves certainly build your muscles and tone it up. If you are a regular with this routine, you would certainly gain a well developed upper body, well toned stomach, arms, thigh and bottoms. What more you can ask for!

Our final word

Pole dancing is certainly enjoyable, liberating, addictive and rewarding too at the end of the day. If you are open to it, you would certainly not regret on it! Go, have fun and come back with a great body!!